Candidate Registration

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1. I understand that I am expected to complete any job assignment I accept. If I do not complete the assignment then Ahead Human Resources can assume I have voluntarily resigned.

2. I understand that I am an employee of Ahead Human Resources and only Ahead Human Resources or I can terminate my employment. When an assignment ends, I must report to Ahead Human Resources office for my next job assignment. Failure to do so or to accept my next job assignment will indicate that I have voluntarily resigned and will not be eligible for unemployment. If I elect to remove myself from the assignment, I will give Ahead Human Resources a two working- day notice.

3. Ahead Human Resources has a very strict NO DRUG POLICY, and upon hire I will be asked to sign a consent form to submit to drug & alcohol testing. I understand that by failing to comply with this agreement will be grounds for immediate termination.

4. Once I have accepted a job, I must report to Ahead Human Resources to pick up a time sheet. Unless special arrangements are made, I understand Ahead Human Resources will not recognize, or pay for, any hours worked by an employee in the absence of an individual time ticket signed by both the client and the employee.

5. If for some unexpected reason, such as an emergency or illness, I cannot make it to work or will be late, I will contact Ahead Human Resources at least 3 hours prior to my start time so you can call the client and/or find replacement. My failure to do so may be grounds for dismissal and/or indicate that I have resigned.

6. If I sustain an injury on the job, I will inform the client and Ahead Human Resources immediately after the accident. Ahead Human Resources will coordinate with the client and me the proper procedure for treatment and reporting of the accident.

7. I understand that I am not to contact an Ahead Human Resources client directly. All communication should be done through Ahead Human Resources.

8. If you need scheduled time off prior to accepting a job offer, you must notify us in writing with the dates off needed. Failure to do so will result in the denial of your time off request. Please ask office for time off request form.

9. I understand and will comply with Ahead Human Resources safety rules and regulations and hazardous communication program that will be explained to me when I receive the Ahead Human Resources orientation. Ahead Human Resources pays its employees once a week. Our pay period starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Your check will be ready after 11:00a.m. on Friday following the week worked (unless other arrangements have been made).

10. I understand that in order to be paid in a timely manner, time tickets must be turned in no later than 12:00p.m. on Monday following the week worked. Any late time tickets will not be paid until the next payroll. Ahead Human Resources will direct its employees to get a BB&T Card set up if no bank account is available

11. I understand that my rate of pay is confidential and should be treated as such. I understand that discussing my rate of pay or other payroll matters, except with authorized AHEAD placement personnel, is a violation of company policies & procedures & may be considered grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination. Ahead Human Resources considers wage information to be confidential, and any dissemination of such information to third parties may result in discipline up to and including discharge.

12. I have read and fully understand the above statements regarding Ahead Human Resource policies and procedures and agree to the same. I understand that failure to comply with these policies and procedures could lead to my termination of employment.

13. I understand that certain assignments have more stringent attendance and tardiness policies. For these assignments, which you will be advised, AHEAD Human Resources will follow the following policy:

  • One occurrence within a 30 day period will warrant verbal warning
  • Two occurrences within 30 day period will warrant written warning
  • Three occurrences within 30 day period will results in discharge from that assignment and/or perhaps AHEAD Human Resources. (Occurrence is either tardy and/or absence without proper medical documentation)

14. Any wages owed to me at the time of termination for misconduct will be paid at the statuary minimum wage.