mindSCOPE Staffing Software - Job Details

Position: Environmental Technician

Province/State: ONCity: Mississauga

The Company

Our client is a world class engineering consulting firm in the highly specialized field of forensic engineering, servicing insurance, industrial and legal clients.


  • Conduct DSS in accordance with Ontario regulations
  • Collect bulk samples to determine if designated substances are present in building materials
  • Provide remediation procedures and sketches to outline materials containing designated substances which require removal
  • Create Asbestos Management Plans and provide reassessments
  • Conduct site evaluations and sampling to determine water damage
  • Identify required cleaning/removal of mould-affected materials
  • Provide required procedures in ensuring the health and safety of workers
  • Conduct environmental investigations for sites contaminated with VOCs, combustion by-products, fuel, and other hazardous materials
  • Determine cause f contamination and complete environmental remediation of contaminated sites
  • Follow established policies, procedures, and processes in preparing information, exercising sound judgment in applying these to potentially unusual or complicated situations, and submit reports and documents in a timely manner and in accordance with client’s standards and expectations
  • Function as an effective member of the team, support the goals of the department, division, and organization
  • Participate in special assignments and activities as required or approved; Stay abreast of company policies, procedures, and practices; participate in ongoing training and development as assigned or approved to assure knowledge and skills remain current and comprehensive
  • Establish trusted working relationship with clients and interact socially at mixed engagements with regional clients



  • Degree in Environmental is required
  • Skills in analyzing, interpreting, synthesizing, prioritizing, and reporting pertinent information, discerning the essential from the non-essential, and grasping complexities of unusual or complicated cases; research and investigative abilities


Working Environment  

  • Position requires site visits
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth in your field of expertise
  • Modern office / laboratory / testing facility with leading edge equipment, hardware and software

Compensation and Benefits:

Our client offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. For more information, contact Fusion Career Services at contact@fusioncareer.com.