Manufacturing Plant Organizer Handyman (Keele & Hwy 7)

Job Order ID:7361
Employment Type:Yearly Salary
Web Publication Date:6/11/2024 12:00:00 AM
Number of Positions:1
Job Location:Concord
Brief Description:

Our employer a blind manufacturer is looking to hire a Plant Manager And Production Of Blinds.

Job Function:

This is a unique permanent position that will evolve over time from organizing and cleaning to assisting with various aspects of production. To start, there is a large manufacturing plant that needs total organization and clean up. They manufacture blinds with many small pieces and the plant has become extremely untidy and unorganized.  

  • Gather all miscellaneous blind parts from over the warehouse including the floor: sort, categorize and arrange blind parts according to size and part item and place where they belong (nuts, bolts, wood screws, metal screws etc)
  • Create a plan to organize each area of the warehouse moving odd boxes, miscellaneous items and creating a place for them so the plant will remain tidy
  • Assist with assembling and setting up machinery
  • Fix small items using various tools
  • Learn various tasks in production
Job Requirement:

  • Strong organizational skills, ability to plan and strategize to create
  • Ability to be physically flexible, bending and picking things up from the floor
  • Ability to lift boxes 30-40 lbs when needed
  • Knowledge and handy with tools, power tools, know the difference between nuts and bolts
  • Work independently and with initiative, not wait to be told what to do
  • Fixer upper kind of personality
  • Ability to take charge and get things done
  • Desire to learn various aspects of production