Electric Wire Assembler

Job Location:Concord, Ontario
Job Function:

Essential Job Functions:

· Perform duties required to complete assembly of smaller, less intricate units and sheet metal finishing assembly of various unit models.

· Work from customer orders, specifications, blueprints, diagrams, written and verbal instructions, and standardized methods.

· Wire sub-assembly harnesses to the final assembly on units using electrical wiring diagrams.

· Check order for options; visually check parts and materials for set-up/fit-up procedures.

· Mount, fit, shear, bend, and install assemblies and/or finishing assemblies.

· Assemble, package, and perform sheet metal parts as needed.

· Use small hand and power tools, gauges, and other measuring devices for precision fitting and alignment.

· Inspect unit for damage; route to appropriate production area.

· Exercise proper care in the use of tools, equipment, and materials.

· Complete all required reports, records, and production information.

· Detect and report faulty equipment, improper operations, and unusual conditions to supervision.

· Observe all prescribed safety rules and regulations and maintain work area in a neat and orderly condition. Perform other duties as assigned or directed.


Minimum of 1 year assembly experience required.

· Application of ordinary arithmetic required.

· Ability to read blueprints and wiring diagrams required.

· Ability to use manual and pneumatic tools required

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $16.00-$18.00 per hour